Arborist Services

Arborists are tree consulting professionals who make informed recommendations for any tree situation. Our Bruinsma Tree Services arborists in Abbotsford have the experience and practical knowledge to make custom recommendations for your tree troubles.

You may need a professional Arborist consultant for any of these reasons:

  • Reports on trees, and plants in general
  • Expert statement in court
  • Examination of the ecological impact of land development
  • Examination on tree conservation
  • Knowledge for land planning
  • Education about preserving trees
  • Forensic investigation into tree issues
  • Assessment on care and maintenance
  • Evaluation of dangers and hazards
  • Understanding of tree care, preservation, and upkeep
  • Expertise about tree and plant selection and planting
  • Evaluation and recognition of tree dangers and dangers
  • Recommendations on tree conservation
  • Appraisal of trees
  • Evaluation of plant product and tree problems

Our certified Bruinsma Tree Chilliwack and Vancouver arborists are the best resources for all matters regarding trees. We specialize in ensuring the security, health, and conservation of trees in their natural surroundings. We offer 3 levels of Tree Risk Assessment:

Level 1: Limited visual assessment is a quick assessment to find obvious defects or dead trees that pose a serious risk in the near future.

Level 2: Basic assessment. Most common method, includes a more detailed inspection of a tree or numerous trees, using basic tools, from the ground. Includes a written report.  This is often needed to obtain a removal permit or for development permits.

Level 3: Advanced assessment.  The most thorough investigation of a tree.  Includes an aerial lift or climbing inspection of the upper crown.  Decay testing and analysis and detailed target analysis.

We welcome both homeowners and market professionals to work with our consulting arborists to accomplish your goals. Call your experts at Bruinsma Tree Services if you need a professional arborist in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Mission, Langley, Chilliwack, or Vancouver.